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New Covenant Teachings

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The Word of God tells all Christians that their roots go directly to and stop with Jesus Christ.  They do not go back to Jewish or Hebrew Roots period.

119 Ministries wrongly teach that Christians must keep the Law of Moses and keep Jewish Traditions.

The practices required of God's people changed in the New Testament (Covenant).

How the 7th day Sabbath is to be kept changed in the New Covenant.

You do not have to follow Jewish Traditions nor use Postponements to know when to keep the Holy Days.

How should Christians deal with other Christians who differ in doctrines?

Many Churches are driving people away by pushing their differences.

Christians are not to judge others on 5 topics and the Sabbath is one of them.

The original and most complete Greek text of the New Testament.

Instructions on how to truly live like Jesus.

What distinguishes a true Christian?  What is the true Way of life of Christians?

God Heals individuals based on their faith.  This is usually a private matter.  Mass audience Healing Campaigns are not of God and are full of deception and fraud.

What Commandments, Statutes, and Laws did Abraham keep?

What are the Essential Requirements for Salvation and being a True Christian?