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What Concerns me at this time. 

Please note also that I have added a new section under this one.  Be Careful About.  In this section I will list things, people, and websites to be carefull about  as I believe they are teaching things that are deceptive and are not in accordance with the Word of God.  Of course some of their actions and writings may be fine so you need to discern those things that compromise the teachings and example of Jesus Christ and the writers of the New Testament.

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Tim Carpenter .  [Posted 1-27-2017]

After getting an email reply from Tim, I am very concerned about his state of mind and his activities.  Please go to the Be Careful About subsection to find out the details if you are interested.  At this time, I would simply advise everyone to stay clear of him and his website " isawthelightministries " as it is full of violent rantings and crazy self proclaimed judgments and prophecies.  Pray for Tim.

Hebrew Roots and Messianic Jews. [Posted 2-8-2016]

After having an inquiry by a reader to my website about what is called the '119 Ministries', I began researching this group.  That lead me to begin finding out what I could about the Hebrew Roots Movement and the Messianic Jews.  As I learned about these groups, scriptures entered my mind and I felt compelled to write what I believe God was inspiring me about what God says in His Word and the truth about what He wants people to know and understand.  Understand, the Hebrew Roots Movement is not really a new or recent activity.  The Apostle Paul faced much of the same as he preached the truths that Jesus Christ revealed.  I believe the Bible teaches that from the time of Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection, a New Covenant was established by God that entirely voided the Old Covenant that Jewish religious leaders had so tarished with their traditions and practices that it simply did not represent or teach what God had intended in all His laws, statutes, and ordinances that He gave to Moses.  All this was completely abolished and completely replaced by the New Covenant in which God using the Holy Spirit would write His truths and way of life into the minds and hearts of those whom He would call at this time (Jeremiah 33: 33).  I have written a new article entitled: Does Christianity Truly Have Hebrew Roots .  If you have any questions or know of anyone becoming involved with a group that leans or embraces beliefs or practices related to Hebrew Roots, you need to read this article and learn the truth.

New motto box for articles. [Posted 2-6-2016]

I have replaced the longer motto box's statement with simply my basic motto concerning truth:  A Truth of God is based on two or more Holy Scriptures that are Contextually Verifiable, Consistent, and Applicable. (Matthew 18: 16)  This will begin to show up on all new articles and those I revise and update from time to time.

What Laws Must Christians Keep. [Posted 1-9-2016]

I have just finished writing two articles.  The first is Dangers in Following Jewish Traditions.  This article proves from the Bible that Jewish Traditions actually move Christians away from Jesus Christ and the New Testament and may eventually cause them to lose their salvation.

The second article is about the 119 Ministries.  They are part of a movement called Hebrew Roots and they teach that Christians must keep Mosaic laws and encourage Christians to keep Jewish Traditions.  I believe the New Testament teaches otherwise.

Pentecostalism [Posted last update 12-30-2015]

For nearly a year I have been researching the Pentecostal Movement also known as the Charismatic Movement and that I simply call Pentecostalism.  While finishing up high school, I got involved in Pentecostalism and pretty much stayed in it for about 8 years.  I got out because I felt the church groups I had been a part of were not well versed in the Bible and were in error concerning the practice of speaking in tongues.  I had continued since that time thinking this movement was full of good people but they were just a little off base in their practices.  Recently, I have discovered that 'movers and shakers' so to speak leaders of Pentecostalism have a very different agenda. 

In fact, the further I have looked, the more troubled I have become.  This is not just a serious but rather a very dangerous attack on all Christians that is hidden behind publicized 'appeals to repentence', dreams, visions, and prophecies, healings, miracles, and revival.  The actual intent hidden behind these godly sounding pitches is to gain acceptance by mainstream churches and infiltrate them, as well as pick the curiousity of church goers with supposed insight when and how endtime events will take place, and then ultimately get others to become Pentecostal.  You can find 2 Articles I have recently written in the Literature section under What the Bible Really Teaches.  The first is Speaking in Unknown Tongues.  I now realize that I went a bit soft in this article as I did not want to alienate Pentecostal believer but rather wanted to simply prove that the Tongues Speaking in Pentecostal Churches is a learned behavior and a considerable amount of what takes place is simply emotionalism rather than a gift of the Holy Spirit.  In my second article, Evil Spirits in High Places, I took off the gloves because my research proved that Pentecostalism in its extreme is perhaps evil rather than godly as it continually seeks greater and more incredible wonders and signs and is thus possibly preparing the world to accept the Anti-Christ who will amaze the world with wonders and signs as Jesus warned.  I cannot make it any plainner. 

Please, do not ignore what I write, see for yourself.  There are dozens of websites that support what I have written about the evils and dangers of Pentecostalism.  Checkout the history of the Pentecostal Movement.  It is extensively full of charlatans, fakes, and ungodly individuals who have bilked their audiences and congregations of their money while they live in luxury and immoratlity.  I will now publically speak out that all those gyrations and jerking, running, laughing, and bedlum of behavior is caused by demonic powers not God's Holy Spirit.  I saw a video that was taken of the behavior of individuals and groups of people in a Hindu Kundalini Cult in India that has been going on for several hundred years and it was identical to bizzare behavior taking place in Pentecostalism.  That cult certainly was not Christian and it proves that what is causing such bizzare behavior is not the Holy Spirit but rather a demonic presence in that cult and the Pentecostal Movement.

The main reason I began this research and wrote the two articles mentioned above is personal.  About a year ago, I began attending a Seventh Day Baptist Church.  From the beginning I found the congregation friendly and open.  One of the foremost things I really liked was this congregation seemed to be very tolerant and non-judgmental toward others. From what I learned, the 'Pastor' had become pastor by default as it were.  I noticed that from the beginning he never really preached a sermon and at best simply gave Bible Studies.  Often, during weekly services, there would be a 'visiting' minister who did the preaching during the congregational meeting.  Also, there were a couple of members who occasionally gave a short talk or 'message'.  The 'Pastor' seemed more intent in leading congregational singing than preaching.  In my opinion, he was somewhat gifted in teaching like a Sunday school teacher but as a Saturday or Sabbath teacher but was hardly a dynamic speaker. 

After a number of months, I began to notice that he was inviting more and more Pentecostal preachers to speak at the congregational meeting.  At the end of one such meeting everyone was asked by the Pentecostal minister to come to the front of the building.  (I was the only person who did not leave my seat and go down front.)  I had noticed there were 3 or 4 new people I had not seen before that had attended this meeting.  Then the Pentecostal minister asked if anyone needed healing.  Then he asked if anyone had every spoken in tongues. Then he asked everyone to raise their hands and start praying aloud.  After 30 or so minutes of this going on, I got up and quietly left.  The Pastor came out before I had a chance to get in my car and leave.  He asked me to come back in.  I told him I totally did not like what was going on inside and it was not of God or the Bible.  He then said that he wanted me to explain what I believed at the meal we always had after services.  He said there might be something important that we might miss.  (For the life of me I do not know how I missed this part.  I guess I just wanted to help them all see the truth.)  I finally relented.  I felt so sorry for the others in the congregation that the Pentecostal preacher kept at the altar for nearly an hour before the service was finally dismissed.  This preacher had actually verbally attacked those upfront trying to get them to 'let go' and 'recieve the spirit'.  He and the other visitors that had come with him kept on 'speaking in tongues' and were jumping around trying to get the congregation to be more emotional.  To me it seemed demonic and certainly not of God.  It was all I could do to stay in my seat and keep my mouth shut till it was over.  I thought all the Pentecostal people left immediately after the service and did not stay for the meal (I was wrong and will explain later.)  A few people listened as I told them that I wanted no part of what went on at the end of the service and I tried to explain why. 

I really thought the 'Pastor' was on the fence and was just trying to understand different points of view.  But, I told him to 'warn' me when he scheduled another Pentecostal preacher for services as I did not want to waste my time being there.  The pastor and I began writing emails to each other.  He asked questions and I answered them.  Finally, I decided to write an article about what I thought about 'speaking in tongues'.  I told him it was a 'learned experience' and not a spiritual experience.  You can read what I wrote in my Article, Speaking in Unknown Tongues in the Literature Section under What the Bible Really Teaches.  After he had read (I guess at least some of it) rather than comment on what I wrote and the Bible Scriptures that backed it, he attacked me personally saying something like 'who was I to question God's Annointed' and wrote that I was acting like a self-appointed Pope.  He then sent me 3 booklets written by John Burton and asked me to read and comment on them.  I tried to have an open mind but quickly could not in anyway find anything to agree with in those books.  (You can read my evaluation in an article I wrote and placed in the What the Bible Really Teaches section.)

     It finally dawned on me why the 'Pastor' attacked me so venimously and so full of hatred.  He had already flipped over to being a Pentecostal himself and he was trying to sway the rest of the congregation the same way.  My attacks on the errors of Pentecostalism were felt by him as personal attacks.  I tried to warn others within the congregation of the dangers of Pentecostalism (you can read my warning in my Article, Evil Spirits in High Places) but recieved no further calls or emails from any of them.  I lost several friends and a group of really nice people because of Pentecostalism.

     So, let me warn you.  It does not matter if you are Sabbath or Sunday keepers.  Your church or congregation may be attacked from within and without by Pentecostal insurgents.  They will try to warm up to you and seem quite pleasant, kind, and understanding but it is a mask, a deception, to gain your friendship, trust, and simpathy.  This accomplished, they will then direct your eyes off Jesus and toward their earthly ministers, they will turn your mind from  the Word of God to the prophecies of their modern day prophets, and they will eventually destroy your faith and prepare you to accept the Anti-Christ.

Books by John Burton [Posted 6-2015]    

I have just finished evaluating several books written by John Burton.  In case you have not realized it, John Burton is a Pentecostal and his books promote this Movement.  What is especially scary is Burton is advocating that Christian believe and practice behavior typical of cults.  Blind trust, absolute obedience to leaders without hesitation or questioning, and more.  Read my articles, "Books by John Burton".  Also checkout my article "When Reading What Others Write, Use Caution".

Books I am writing. [Posted 12-30-2015]

I have rewritten three of my books and renamed them.  I think most people do not understant the meaning of the titles and may have been decided to not checked the previews of them out.  I used the word Athanasia because it is Greek for Immortality.  I hope you will check out the previews in the Book Section and let me know if you are interested in getting the entire book. Here are the new titles.

Athanasia Alpha is now The Beginning of the Beginning, The Story of the New Immortals Part 1.

Athanasia Omega is now The End of the Beginning, The Story of the New Immortals Part 2.

Athanasia Nu is now The Early Years of the ChristThe Missing Years.

Creation - What Really Happened in Genesis chapter 1 [Posted 11-7-2015]

This article proves the Creation Week account actually begins in Genesis 1: 3.  Verse 1 tells of a perfect inhabited world that we find in verse 2 was nearly destroyed.  Then God virtually begins again in verse 3 to remake the world, add other celestual bodies, and bring forth plants, living creatures, and eventually man.

The Exact Day and Time Jesus Will Actually Return  [Posted 10-18-2015]

Hope this title caught you attention.  Of course, no one on earth actually knows when Jesus will return.  However, based on Biblical prophecy, I can say it will not be until certain things have happened and will take at least another three and a half years from that time until Jesus returns.

Warning! The following books are full of lies and deceit.  [Posted 8.28-2015]

Books such as Four Blood Moons by John Hagee and The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah, both by Jonathan Cahn are exploiting the ignorance of a great many Christians as to Bible prophecy and other Biblical truths.  Their words are trying to work people into a frenzy and panic that the Great Tribulation and Day of the Lord is imminent.  Hagee pushes the false hope of a rapture of the church before these horrors begin.  Checkout my Prophecy secton and particularly my article entitiled The Rapture Doctrine is a Hoax

Should Christians Ever Be Disobedient?  [Posted 8-23-2015]

It may be shocking to some but the answer to this question is YES, under certain circumstance.  My article  Should Christians Obey Everything Civil and Religious Governments Demand fully covers the difficult 13th chapter of Romans that many think tells Christians to obey every authority, civil and religious, no matter what they demand.

Old Testament Chronology  [Posted 5-6-2015]

I have recently become acquainted with a Bible Scholar who has been researching the Old Testament and has developed a timeline from Creation to the modern era.  Here is his website:

Not really sure how to set up a direct link to a web address.  If you type in the above on your search page (Google or Yahoo) it should take you there.

While his book and articles on Old Testament Chronology are very interesting, his theology is radically different from mine and most mainstream Christians.   For instance, I totally disagree with his ideas against the pre-existence of Jesus and His virgin birth in Mary.  Yet, his scholarship on the timeline of the Bible seems well researched and the only thing I find worth investigating on his website.

Splinter (WXYZ) Churches of God are drastically shrinking in membership. [Posted 8-18-2015]

During 2015, I visited a previously very active congregation and what I found was alarming.  Attendance had shrunk from church congregation size to hardly Bible Study Classes size.  I have also found groups as small as 3 or 4 people are still listed as full 'churches' in various cities on the websites of some of these splinter groups from the Worldwide Church of God headquartered in Pasadena, CA. Perhaps, these missing individuals have finally grasped the truth.  A splinter group from a cult is still a cult if it is lead by ministers that were active in the previous cult.  It is still a cult if it teaches and practices basically the same doctrines of the parent cult. If it supports the founder, Herbert W. Armstrong, it is a cult full of lies, deception, and often severe mistreatment of members.

It can take years for some to come to their senses as they begin to read the Bible independently and pray.  If you have had the courage to leave one of these cults, you will probably find yourself alone.  Other church denominations that you might try to fellowship with are so full of different doctrines, it will possibly make you feel ill because you may think that their ministers and members are ignorant so you will probably end up staying home.  While God's Word instructs us to "not forsake the assembling of ourselves together" (Hebrews 10: 25) consider the churches that Paul often wrote about and to, were very small groups and the place they assembled was someone's home.

If you are ready to venture into the Word of God and rethink what you have learned and believed in those cults, I welcome you to my site.  Feel free to disagree with me.  Find scriptures that prove I am wrong on something and then write to me and tell me about it.  Great, if I then see from the scriptures that I was wrong about something, I will thank you and thank God, repent and change.  Then I will post this new truth on my website as I remove what was in error and if you allow me to, I will acknowledge your name as having found this and bringing it to me.

If you are able, start your own fellowship group with others who have seen the light.  A word of caution, be wary of individuals who were ministers in the church group you left as well as other groups that splintered from the same or similar groups.  Such individuals should not be followed or allowed to 'take charge of leading' your small group.  Make sure such individuals (previous ministers) have repented of teaching such errors and practicing things that were clearly not Christian.  After a season of time to prove they have truly changed and have been humbled, they might help lead your group under close scrutiny.