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I am working on arrangements to make my books available.  If you have viewed this site in the past you will see that I have renamed three of them.  I decided that the odd sounding name Athanasia, might have turned some away even though it is the Greek word for Immortality.  I may release some parts of these books online so you can see if you are interested.

The first is a fictional novel calledThe Beginning of the Beginning, The Story of the New Immortals, Part 1.  The New Immortals are those who have been saved by God's Grace and will be resurrected or transformed when Jesus Christ returns to this Earth.  Part 1 tells of the creation of the earth; the rebellion of Satan; life in the garden with Adam and Eve; how Satan seduced Eve and why Adam also ate the forbidden fruit; the spread of mankind and growth of evil; Noah and the Ark; the Tower of Babel; and finally to the calling of Abraham.

The second is a fictional novel called The End of the Beginning, The Story of the New Immortals, Part 2.  This tells of several individuals from the time of the return of Jesus Christ to well beyond His Millennial reign.  While it looks back at things that happened in the end time, it primaily focuses on what may possibly happen in the future.  You have never read or heard the truths that are presented in this book.  You will read of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and what life will be like during the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth for both mortal and immortal beings.

The third is a fictional novel called The Early Years of the Christ, The Missing Years.  This tells of the life of Jesus Christ up until He was baptised by John the Baptist.  The Story begins centuries before His birth.  It tells of powerful empires that rivaled the Roman Empire.  One of the most fascinating parts of this Story is it tells what Jesus was doing from age twelve to age thirty.  You have never been told what you will read in this book based on ancient documents that the religious world has totally overlooked concerning the life of Christ.

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