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. My name is Richard Wayne Williams. The Bible warns Christians to know of whom they learn Biblical truths.

13But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. 14But you must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of, knowing from whom you have learned them, 15and that from childhood you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus. (2 Timothy 3: 13 - 15)

While I do not desire attention for myself, I do fervently desire to draw attention to the truth of God to all who will listen to the Word of God being presented and correctly explained.  By 'correctly explained' I mean that it takes 2 or more scriptures from the Bible that are taken in context and properly applied to reveal a truth of God.  Anything less, is not binding on Christians and may be misused to lead Christians away from God through deception.

While I am basically a private individual, I will present part of my biography so you can begin to know who I am for the sake of the truth of God.  It is entirely possible that some who read this website might remember me from the past.

I was born in 1945 in Decatur, Alabama.  During my life, I have lived in many states, traveled around much of the world, worked in many occupations, and experienced things I have never heard others tell of having experienced themselves.  I have attended many Christian church organizations during my life.  I was raised in the Free Will Baptist denomination, in which my father Darnell Williams was a preacher for nearly 60 years before his death in 1990 of congestive heart failure.  My family lived for three years just outside of Detroit, Michigan where I began school.  We returned Tennessee, what has been our family 'state' and lived in and around Nashville.  My family moved in 1958 from Middle Tennessee to Anaheim, California so my father could find employment.  After graduating high school at Anaheim High, I worked at a variety of fulltime jobs for a year and then enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and spent 8 years working in Electronics, reaching the rank of staff sergeant.  During that time, I lived in Texas, Colorado, Florida, Okinawa, and South Carolina.  After an honorable discharge in 1971, I resettled in my family's home state of Tennessee.  I graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1978 and after about three years, moved to Kentucky and lived and worked there for 25 years, living most of that time in Lexington.  I returned to Tennessee in 2005 to teach high school math for 4 years and then retired in 2010.  I have left out most of my very personal information such as marriage, children, brothers and sisters, names, dates, and such at this time.  Additional details will likely be added in time.  However, I desire this Website be about the truth of God and not about myself. 

Now some information regarding my life as it relates to serving God and understanding His truths.

   For about 45 years my life has been about changes.  I spent my first 16 years as a Baptist.  I spent the next 10 years as a Pentecostal.  I spent the following 10 years in a cult know as the Worldwide Church of God.  After leaving that organization I spent the next 10 years on my own.  My life spiritually was in shambles.  I did not know what to believe.  The Worldwide Church of God under Herbert Armstrong had done a job on me.  I finally began to get back into the Bible, searching for answers as to why I got involved with that cult.  It might offend you that I use the word 'cult' when writing about the Worldwide Church of God.  I am sorry you feel that way but honestly, there is no other single word that describes that organization.

    It would be too lengthy to explain how I got involved in the Church of God, International.  Contrary to what some have said or thought, I can honestly say that God was involved in that very unlikely event.  There were still issues that I had not fully or properly resolved from my time in the Worldwide Church of God.  I began attending services I believe in 1992 with a small independent group that held weekly meeting on the Seventh-Day Sabbath.  While not directly affiliated, this group received video tapes of services held at the Tyler, Texas headquarters of the Church of God, International. 

     In the Spring of 1994 something quite usual happened to me.  I experienced a vision or God only knows what else.  I left my home in Lexington, Kentucky very early one morning and spent over 16 straight hours driving and visiting individuals in several industrial plants in a couple of states, I finally was able to stop outside of Chicago, get a room, and climb into bed and crash a little after midnight.  I awoke to a blinding light from a being standing at the foot of my bed. While the brightness of His appearance nearly blinded me, when He stretched out His arms toward me, I saw the jagged nail prints in His hands and knew it was none other than Jesus Christ.

     Previous to this posting, I have shared this event to hardly more than a handful of others.  My wife believes I saw Jesus but the others were split.  The last person I told was a ministers of a Sunday church.  He was filled with outrage and stated emphatically that I not only did not see Jesus and insisted that I must have seen a demon.  I have fervently prayed to God for clarity and assurance of what I experienced over the years since it took place.  At no time have I ever felt this was not Jesus.  Those that doubt including that Sunday church minister were not there and they did not see or hear what took place.  Just before this happened, I had been praying and had tried to set a limit on how far I would go to serve Jesus Christ in the future.  I had said I would do anything except serve as a minister.  After laying back down in my bed for a short time,  Jesus appeared and asked me, "Will you do it for Me?" I rolled out of the bed and fell prone on the floor before my Lord.  I cried out from the depths of my soul as I answered Him, "Lord after You have done so much for me, how can  I refuse to do anything You ask me to do." He came and lifted me up to my knees and began talking to me.  He said He would guide me in searching and finding His Truth as revealed in the Word of God and then would empower me to teach others in a dynamic way.  I had not wanted this calling and had begged Him to please use me in some other way.  Only after He had appeared to me did I yield to His calling me to His ministry.  As I accepted His call, I asked Him for three things: 1. For a double portion of His Holy Spirit so I would never compromise my faith or that of others from the Truth of His Word or bring shame to the office of the ministry. 2. I prayed that God would receive the glory for any good I might do as it would be because of the Holy Spirit working in me and not of my abilities.  3. That God would put it into the minds of a church organization to ordain me to the ministry totally on their own. 

     After that experienced, later in 1994 I began attending a Bible School for a year and began to preach sermons and conduct Bible Studies early in 1995.  In 1998, I was surprised by being formally ordained as an Elder by the Church of God, International.  In the CGI, the office of Elder meant I was ordained to preach and serve in every capacity as a minister of God, the same things I had been doing since 1995.  While in that organization, I was virtually a circuit rider and traveled widely and spoke in several dozen congregations across the USA, to the Maritime Provinces of Canada, to Jamaica in the Caribbean, and down to Australia preaching and teaching God's Truth.  All told, I have delivered hundreds of sermons and Bible studies as congregations were moved by the messages God gave me to present to them.  My messages were given to inspire the audience to strive to live their lives faithful to God trusting in His Word.  I did not tell them to be faithful a church organization or its ministers and leaders.  Without exception, congregational response was always 'when will you come back and speak again.'  As a minister, I performed counseling, water baptism of those who accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and preached funeral services as we laid to rest faithful servants of God when their earthly life was over.

   I have begun to post on this website some of the hundreds of articles I have written after extensive study into God's Word.  I used some of this material in many of my sermons and Bible Studies I presented.  Yet, many articles on this site reveal new truths that I did not know while I was involved in that and other church organizations.  I have learned that organized church groups generally stifle studies that present new Truth.  I have visited or been a part of dozens of church organizations during my life.  Regardless of what happened to me, I still felt the need for fellowship with others.

     I had to leave the Church of God, International organization that I was ordained in and traveled and spoke so extensively, for nearly a decade.  I am sad to say that organization's leadership did me wrong after I had served it faithfully and at great sacrifice and personal expense.  The truth is beginning in about 2001 five fairly influential ministers became jealous of what God was doing through me and they did not like the fact that their congregation was so supportive of me.  They conspired to try to damage my reputation by lying to their congregations and then they refused to allow me to speak at their congregations.  Then they lied to the church headquarter's leaders saying I was preaching heresies.  However, they were caught in their lies because the headquarters had cassette tape recordings of all my messages.  While the top church leader told these errant ministers that they were in fact lying as I never said or even implied the things they were reporting, unbelievably, that church headquarter's leader chose to support and back those errant ministers rather than me.  The Ministerial Council was aware of this problem and did nothing to stop its spread as a couple other ministers were pulled into the lies of the original group of lying ministers. In 2003 I was told by the top leader that I had to change my message and the way I spoke as I delivered my message in order to satisfy those conspiring ministers or my ministerial credentials would be in jeopardy of being revoked.  I told him I was a Minister of Jesus Christ and called directly by Him and not some church organization.  I would preach what God and His Word inspired me to preach, not what some jealous ministers wanted me to preach.  I also told them I would not be part of an organization that by their total lack of addressing the issue and stopping the ungodly behavior of those errant ministers, that they had chosen to support the ministers who were liars and hypocrites while at the same time turned their back on me who had been faithful to God and truthful to everyone.  With that said, I resigned and left that organization.

    When I first started this website, I wanted to remain anonymous.  There is a lot of people who knew me.  Some may have wondered what happened to me.  When I left the Church of God, International, I felt that if I exposed what the top church leader did, the total failure of the Ministerial Council who for over a year did not do what the organizational charter and by laws required them to do, and what five other ministers did in their conspiracy, the organization could well have suffered a considerable loss of members.  At that time I did not believe that I had the resources or ability to minister to all the possible members that would suddenly be without a church congregation to fellowship with.  That group was spread from Ohio to Florida in the East.  Honestly, I have never desired a following nor had I desired to start a new church organization. 

     I was a Teacher, an Evangelist, a Minister of Jesus Christ.  While I was in the CGI, without being asked, I was given the assignment of being the Pastor of a church congregation over 90 miles from my home.  While I tried my best, I felt it was a job I simply could not go well due to the distance.  I did not have the time to regularly visit members so far away.  It was difficult being there for church services.  I felt my calling was to travel, to speak to as many congregations as possible to inspire them by preaching and teaching them to follow the Word of God.  I never told others to look to men or an organization of men but rather the Word of God and prayer for God's help through the Holy Spirit.  I always tried my best to do whatever task or responsibility was given to me and always was ready to teach what God taught me in His Word.  In spite of what happened to me, I think everyone should try to attend a church congregation that is tolerant of different beliefs but also believes and practices essential truths of Christianity and is not a cult.  I seek only to awaken those whom God will open their minds to begin to understand and follow the truth of God's Word as I have done.  It is well pastime to stop following men and start following God by fully understanding and then keeping what the Word of God teaches rather than traditions and misinterpretations of men.  My friends, especially those of the past, I offer my deepest and most regrettable sorrowful apology for leaving you without a word of explanation when I left the Church of God, International.  I simply did not know what to do when I felt I could no longer be part of the CGI.

     If you want to write to me and 'yell' at me for what I have done, here is my email address, write me.  If you want to complain or deride me or challenge anything I have written here, go ahead, write me.  If you see this and remember me and forgive me for leaving you as I did, please write me.

    I have tried to find fellowship with other Sabbatarian groups but have had poor results.  A couple of years ago I even reached out to the CGI, to see if they had a forgive and forget attitude in which I could feel welcomed back. I found they had lost considerable members.  The person I contacted while initially seemed very welcoming quickly became very critical and controlling as he instructed me on how I had to act as I slowly came into contact with congregations.  I went to church services a couple of times in Nashville.  I was shocked at what I found.  In 2002 it had a congregation that ranged from 30 to 50 in attendance, at least when I went their to preach the sermon.  That same congregation had 5 one Sabbath and the next only 3.  While he did his best, the current Pastor played a video sermon the first Sabbath and his message on the second Sabbath was sadly a mishmash of unrelated comments or statements that had no central theme that dragged on nearly unbearable for almost an hour for no apparent reason.  If those two services were what the congregation had to bear on a regular basis, I can see not reason for it to exist.  I communicated with my contact several times.  I found his replies to my emails changed.  He began to edit and inserting very caustic remarks to my emails that wrote discussing events that had lead to my leaving the CGI.  He said he was very disappointed in my sudden leaving.  That progress was being made to address what was going on but everything was dropped when I left.  I wrote to him that I had been writing of the wrong behavior by other ministers for well over a year and absolutely nothing was done.  He disagreed.  He almost went ballistic when I called those lying hypocrite ministers 'ungodly'.   In one email I told him that I had never gotten a call, email, or letter after I sent in my letter of resignation.  He responded that the Ministerial Council had sent a letter to me that sincerely left open the door for me to come back.  I had not gotten that letter.  At the time, I had been separated from my wife for several weeks and she must have tossed it in the trash along with other letters addressed to me.  I almost laughed at the words in that letter.  Then I decided to edit it 'appropriate' remarks like what my contact had done to what I wrote.  Well, he sure did not like that.  So, that was that.  This just reaffirmed to me that God no longer wanted me to be part of the CGI organization. 

     After all I experienced in the CGI and what I read and studies since, I am beginning to think the following.  The Worldwide Church of God lead by Herbert Armstrong was or became a cult for the following reasons.  First, members were encouraged to think of Armstrong as a demigod, an infallible leader.  That he was special and was lead by God to do all that he did.  Whatever he said was law and everyone catered to his every whim.  Well, the truth be told that he was wicked, selfish, egotistical, and did many evil things with impunity.  Truth is God will not reveal any truth to such an individual nor use him to do a work for God.  Second, the membership was manipulated, brainwashed, and controlled to give the organization as much money as they could so the top level leaders could live a luxury style of life like that of royalty. Third, many of the doctrines and teachings were stolen from other religious organizations.  Many were wrong and unscriptural mixed in with those that were true.  When wrong is mixed with right, the whole thing becomes wrong.  Considering all this I must conclude.  The offsprings or splinter groups from the Worldwide Church of God are also cults if they support the idea that Herbert Armstrong and his teachings were good.

     Let me close out this aspect relating to past and present.  I hope you are not shocked at what I write next.  Having failed to find any Sabbatarian church group within a hour drive of my home, I have attended a few different 'Sunday' churches.  I feel that God has foreborn or 'winked' at their failure to keep the Sabbath command (though they may indeed be keeping the 'Spirit' of the command if not the letter).  They are very sincere and seek to follow and obey God in all things they seem to understand.  Let God be the judge keeps my mind settled.  After all the words of the Apostle Paul may address this whole issue.

16So let no one judge you in food or in drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths, 17which are a shadow of things to come, but the substance is of Christ. (Colossians 2: 16 - 17 NKJV) 

Now, about the idea about why church leaders do not like change or anything new.

     You need to realize that leaders and ministers of church organizations generally do not want their members searching for truth in the Word of God on their own.  They want them to follow a set or controlled path that provides a chain of scriptures that (supposedly) support their beliefs and doctrines.  Why?  Because their members might find that some of the beliefs and doctrines they have been taught to follow are primarily based on church traditions and are not supported by the Word of God.  In fact, a significant part of most church beliefs and doctrines are not supported by the Word of God and are therefore errors and not truths.  Sadly, many church leaders and ministers arrogantly think they know every truth God has revealed.  Because they have invested much of their life to their teachings, they not only fight against change in general, but angrily resist anyone who attempts to correct their errors with actual Truth from God's Word.  Please understand also that errors enslaves while Truth sets you free.  You are an individual and can learn the truth on your own if you are willing to seek it, and once found, follow it.

     1 John 2: 26-27

     These things I have written you concerning those who try to deceive you.  But the anointing which you have received from Him abides in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you; but as the same anointing that teaches you concerning all things, and is true, and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you will abide in Him.

      I can only show you the truth and be your guide to start with, but it will be up to you to read what the Bible says and follow it.  The Truth is found only in the Word of God, not in mine or anyone else's writings or spoken words.  Open your Bible while you read my articles.  Pray and seek the help of God's Holy Spirit.  Whether you agree or disagree, Please, let me know what you think and why.  Honestly, I rejected some truths that I was first exposed to.  It was only after extensive searching and prayer that God's Spirit opened my mind to receive His Truth.  I sincerely hope you are like me in that respect and desire the truth as well as be corrected by the Word of God when in error in understanding the truths God's Word teaches to all who seek it.   I still do not know or understand all the Truths God has provided in His Word.  I will probably be studying and learning to the day I die.  Will you join with me and seek and share the wonderful Truth God is ready to reveal to those whom He has called at this time?

     My new introduction box on all my articles that I will be replacing my old info box will say the following:

     " A Truth of God is based on two or more Holy Scriptures that are taken in Context and are Applicable. (Matthew 18:16)" 

Use this motto to guide your study into the Word of God in establishing what you believe, practice, and in building your faith in Jesus Christ.

I am Richard Wayne Williams, Servant of the Most High God, Teacher of Eternal Truths found only in the Word of God.

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