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    Why this section?

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      This is a special section to reach out to those who are now or in the past were Sabbath-keepers.  I have much to say to you.  Many of you are without a church organization having left one that has literally fallen apart due to conflicts between ministers and members about various doctrines, one that has seriously taken advantage of you or done you wrong, or the church or its ministers simply left you wanting a lot of something you did not find there.

     What is so sad, so many like myself simply cannot find a Seventh Day Sabbath Church to attend so we are forced to attend a Sunday Church in order to have some Chrisitan fellowship.  Truth is I have found just as many true Christians in Sunday Churches as Sabbath Churches.  Only the day of the week is different.  Same level of Biblical knowledge other than the Sabbath.  Same love, kindness, in fact all the fruits of the Spirit.  I remember seeing Sabbath keepers who never did a kind or caring thing to others look down on someone who did simply because they did not keep the Sabbath.  I tried to change that.  In the end the Pharisaical ministers and members controlled the organization making it self-righteous and without works casting stones (lies) and back stabbing those who were truly Christian.  Yes, I know that sort of thing happens in all Churches.  I just have a soft part in my heart for Sabbath Churches.

     What is so sad is that many organizations that preach and teach about the Seventh Day Sabbath were and are actually cults with charismatic leaders, 'lording over the membership', controlling everything about their lives, and striving to get as much money out of the membership as they can.  Such organizations prey on Sunday keepers to refill its membership as many members keep leaving them.  How do they do it?  Sunday keepers simply cannot justify keeping Sunday and not keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath if all they use is the Bible.  The facts remain, there is no scriptural justification of keeping Sunday and not keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath.  Truth is most Sunday keepers cannot begin to explain why their church switched from Saturday to Sunday or even when this happened.  If one of them gets real serious in their Bible study and is not afraid to ask questions they are ripe for a Seventh Day Sabbath cult to recruit them and begin the brainwashing.  I know because that happened to me by the Worldwide Church of God ruled with an iron hand by Herbert Armstrong to his dying day.  It took me nearly ten years before I discovered how badly I had been duped into contributing all I could to pay for the luxuries old Herbie and his cronies laviously enjoyed.  Getting out of that cult was one of the best things I ever did.

     If you are able to find a decent Bible based Seventh Day Sabbath keeping church, I would like to know about it.  All I have been able to find are Worldwide Church of God splinter groups or splinters of splinters.  Fact is a spinoff of a cult that teaches and practices the same things is still a cult. While I have found a few that are probably not cults, sad to say they were up to the chins trying to keep various Jewish Traditions.  Such organizations are exactly what the Jewish Pharisees wanted to see happen to the Christian church.  The Apostle Paul withstood such attacks against the way Jesus Christ taught Christians to live and serve God. If you are in an organization that uses a lot of Jewish Traditions and Hebrew words, you will see it is Pharisaical and Jesus' words echo "For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5: 20 NKJV)

     I have written and have re-written an article about what the Bible teaches the New Testament Sabbath is really all about.  No, it is not about Sunday.  One of the first things that it really is, is that there are NO Jewish Traditions attached to it.  In fact, a true Christian Church does not have any Jewish Traditions in any part of it.  That includes the Calendar and perhaps the most dramatic thing is that the weekly Sabbath Day begins at Sunrise on Saturday not Sunset on Friday.  Same goes with all days.  They all begin at Sunrise and end at Sunrise the next day.  You need to read my articles The New Testament Sabbath and The New Covenant and What it Means to Christians and When Do Days Begin.

  If you are or have been a Seventh Day Sabbath-keeper and especially if you are not attending a Seventh Day Sabbath Keeping Church or are not really happy with the one you are attending, I urgently need you to contact me at  I need your input.  You are someone who is not satisfied with believing and doing whatever you are told by ministers who do not back up these things with 2 or more scriptures taken within context and applicable to prove they are the truth of God.  I am striving to do that in all my writings and especially what I believe and live by.  I need your help in reading what I write.  Then tell me if I have done a good job of it or you think I have made mistakes.  I need you to point out using 2 or more scriptures taken within context and applicable what needs to change in any of the articles I write.  I am simply human.  As such, I make mistakes.  But, I want to learn and correct mistakes that I make.  If you want, I will note that you are a co-author or have edited my work for clarity and truth, if you want your name used.  If you do not want your name used, I will honor your request and simply say a big THANK YOU from an anonymous contributor.

Maybe we can all get together for some special occasion like a Holy Day.  Wow, wouldn't that be exciting.  Meeting others who are not satisfied by keeping traditions and who really know what the Bible teaches.

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