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     This is the Website of Richard Wayne Williams.  I am responsible for its content.

     At this time I am working on changing this website.  This may include changing its name.  I have come to the conclusion that while the name is an acronym for a really important concept, Bible SAFETY [Searching And Finding Eternal Truths Yourself], it is not one that most people can find while searching on the internet unless they already know it.

     What I am writing about are TRUTHs from the Bible that you do not hear in Christian Churches today that every Christian needs to know.  I have been in church after church in and out of every major denominations, and have found most Christians are virtually Scriptural illiterates.  They just go along following what the ministers and leaders tell them without and scriptural support as to its truthfulness.  No wonder so many cults exist that have destroyed so many lives.  It is not just the cults, it is what most people call mainstream Christian Churches.

     I have begun to compile the many articles that I have already written into chapters of a book under the working title,

                      The True Beliefs and Practices of the Church that Jesus Built.

      I hope that these changes are helpful in getting these TRUTHs back into the minds and behaviors of Christians today.

     At this place, you will find my website as you have read it before.

        My life has been one of continuous growth in coming to understand what the Bible reveals are truths of God.  I have had to change what I believed on many topics as I discovered scriptures I had overlooked.  That is what this Website is really all about: discovering truths of God.  God has inspired me directly by His Holy Spirit and through diligenly study of His Word.  Others have helped me along the way as well.  It is generally not easy to find real scripturally supported truths of God.  That is why so many do not know real truth. 

     It is time you asked and found the right answers to some important questions as I did when I thought about the following ideas:  How can I really know if something is true or false when it comes to a belief, doctrine, or practice by an individual, a specific church, or an entire religious organization?  After all, I have found various religious leaders and ministers saying different things, disagreeing with each other, and saying the Bible says this or that.  So simply taking someone's word did not really give me assurance that I was being told the truth.

What I have experienced.

     Finding what I believe is a real Truth of God, has been like being in a totally dark room and then lighting a candle.  I have done this very thing.  If you ever did this, you would discover that just a little flame of light can show you the way to safely get from where you are to where you want or need to be.  Finding a little bit of the real Truth of God is exactly like that.  It can lead you to more Truth.  All you have to do is begin walking in the pathway the light reveals.  I found a scripture in my Bible that explains this concept:    

      Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 119: 105 NKJV).

Perhaps you may have ventured onto this website searching for answers and possibly truth.  Have you ever wondered as I have:

     Why is learning truth from God so difficult when it should be easy? 

     Then I began to realize that the difficulty is because often when we begin to discover a real truth of God, we have to reject something we had previously been taught and thought was truth that was in fact error as we learn directly from the Bible what is truth.

     For example; many Protestant church denominations like the one I grew up in (Baptist), believe that at any moment, every living true Christian will be Raptured and meet Jesus in the air in a secret return before He comes back visibly to all inhabitants of the earth (His second coming).  After extensive Bible study, I reached the conclusion based on the Bible that the Rapture doctrine or teaching is absolutely not the truth of God.  (You can click on the highlited word Rapture to find an article with my Bible study that made me change my mind as it proved this doctrine is not the truth.)  Sadly, I have discovered that many unscrupulous TV Evangelist and Church pastors have used this false idea to gain or keep members in their congregations and to control them by using fear.  They basically say, "Obey me or you will be caught off guard when Jesus comes back at any moment and He will catch you believing or doing wrong and you will be left behind to face the Great Tribulation."  This false idea was basis for the books in the "Left Behind" series that made a couple of men very wealthy. 

     Another example is many Seventh Day Sabbath Keepers mistakingly think they should follow Jewish Traditions such as days beginning at sunset rather than at sunrise as the Bible clearly teaches.  I was part of two different Seventh Day Sabbath Keeping church organizations for many years and believed these things.  Why? I guess I just went along with others in these groups as they all seemed to accept these things as obvious truths not needing to be proven.  Now, I realize a person should not accept what others believe without scriptural proof that it is correct.  After recent years of Biblical study and based on what I now believe the New Testament and especially the words recording what Jesus taught; that many of these groups are very Pharisaical and unnecessarily strict about what should and should not be done especially on the Sabbath day.  Jesus spent a considerable portion of His life argueing against Sabbath laws taught by Rabbis and Pharisees that were false.  (Again, by clicking highlited words you can find articles that fully go into a Bible study to prove from scripture what I have stated.)

     Another example is that I use to wonder why many churches, preachers, and individuals were almost totally involved in learning about and preaching prophecy.  Then I discovered the reason for this is, it is exciting to talk about and does not require anyone to repent or even acknowledge sin and change their way of life.  Remember Y2K, 9/11, the Mayan calendar and 2012, or the writings of Nostradamus?  Today's hot prophetic subject is Four Blood Moons by John Hagee and the Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah by Jonathan Cahn.  In time, these individuals will be proved to be con-men and  also their 'prophecies' will prove to be a foolish waste of time.  Further research online has revealed to me that the previous two authors I have named are unscrupulous charlatans.  Because of their failed prophecies over the years, the Bible calls them false prophets, who are only seeking a following so they can get money from anyone they can dupe.

     I finally found the reason so many people fall for errors.  It is because they do not realize what it takes to establish a Truth of God in the first place.  After years of Bible Study, I discovered that whenever a situation developed in the Bible where a true answer was called for, God required two or more witnesses to establish what is true.  I believe this requirement by God reveals that for a doctrine or belief to be a true it must be supported by two or more scriptures (witnesses) within the Word of God, the Holy Bible, that are taken in context as well as being properly applied.  True doctrines will be applicable to today's time, places, individuals, and circumstances and not just something applicable only in the past.  For instance, certain laws were given to the nation of Israel and were only valid and applicable to them at that time, place, and circumstance.  These laws are not valid or applicable for Christians today, living around the world, and facing circumstances very much different from those of ancient Israel.

     So, if you believe that you are a Christian, I would like to ask you if you have appled this Biblical requirement to all your beliefs and the doctrines or teachings you live by?  The truth is, you simply cannot just believe they are true without proof.  Failing to know what the Bible truely supports or rejects could result in some big surprises for you.  Consider the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 10: 17 "So then Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Also,in Romans 14: 23 "...; for whatever is not from faith is sin."  Boy, was I surprised when I began searching for 2 or more scriptures to establish each belief or doctrine I should follow.  Sure, I thought all my beliefs were based on the Bible, but what I found out was shocking.  Sadly, I discovered that many of my beliefs were based only on partial verses or just one verse.  After further study, I began to see that many of my beliefs were not consistent with the Bible and were simply based on traditions rather than scripture.  Then I discovered what it meant for a doctrine to be applicable?  Applicable scriptures mean that they are relavant to this time, place, people, and circumstance.  I decided it was time to stop guessing and playing church and find out for sure.

     There is one final item that impacts greatly in one's search for truth.  When you start your study, are you seeking to prove that a certain or specific doctrine is not the truth?  Or conversely, are you seeking to prove that a certain or specific doctrine is the truth?  Both, of these approaches will led you down different paths that may well end in conclusions that are different from each other.  If you feel strongly one way or another, I would say start with the approach (for or against) that you are most confortable with.  However, please take the opposite approach afterwards to see if you can refute what you found using the other approach.  Opposing doctrines cannot both be the truth.  What are you missing or what are you really not clearly understanding?  If you cannot conclusively prove a specific doctrine is true or is false, set that doctrine on the shelf for now and come back to it later.  If you have visited this website over the past few years, you will find that some of my Articles have disappeared and others have been changed.  This is because I have discovered new truths in my study of God's Word that refute something I have written.  As you study, always be open for change from God.  Ever seek to grow in understanding the wonderful truths of God's Word.

     I hope you will make the descision that it is time to truly find out what is the real Truth of God.  I fear that our present mortal lives as well as future eternal lives may well be at stake.

      Still wondering about all that I have written to this point?  Consider the following.  Years ago, I remember wondering, "How can verses in the Word of God, the Bible, not be true?"  Then I read in Matthew 4: 1-11, that Satan actually used and quoted passages from the Word of God.   However, because he tried to apply them to the wrong circumstances, people, places, and time, that made them invalid.  This is how someone unwittingly or possibly with evil intent can twist the Word of God and comes up with a belief or doctrine that is false.  Wow, I thought as I realized that just because one's church has taught something for hundreds or even thousands of years that does not make it truth.  For example, I have extensively studied what many people believe is the oldest Christian church in the world, the Roman Catholic Church and what it practices and teachings.  I am not alone in thinking that there are many true Christians within it now and in the past.  However, allthough it has been around for nearly two thousand years there is irrefuteable proof that it's leadership has been full of corruption since its beginning.  This spans the leadership of the Pope all the way down to the lowest parish priest.  Stop and consider how many priests have been discovered to have molested young boys and how many others who have committed crimes have been hidden by the Catholic Church.  Its beliefs are riddled with falsehoods, outright lies, and errors in its doctrines and practices including mixing in outright pagan names, practices, and beliefs.  Read the book, "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Church" by Malichi Martin and you will be shocked by the outrageous behavior by nearly every Pope that has held that office since it began.  [Fact, the Apostle Peter absolutely was not the first pope, that is its first lie.  Jesus built His Church on faith in Him.  Jesus is the Rock from the beginning to the end (not Peter).]  True Christians must follow Jesus and His Word, the Bible, and not some man attempting to take His place nor some church organization that has so many outright pagan practices.

     Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, "If you abideG3306 in My word, you are My disciples indeed.  And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." (John 8: 31-32 NKJV)

     Jesus tells us how to hold onto the truth so we will not let it go and become enslaved to error. The Greek word translated abide is meno (G3306) which means 'to stay, abide, continue, dwell, endure, be present, remain, stand, tarry, and own.'  We must abide in Jesus' word, the whole Word of God, in order to be His disciples, learn truth, and not be enslaved by error.  Sometimes the more we are intrenched in the doctrines and practices of a church that has not giving us real proof (2 or more scriptures that support its teachings), the more we can be out of touch with Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

     I would like to make a general disclaimer.  When I write about churches and organizations as a whole, I am addressing primarily doctrines, beliefs, and practices they promote.  As far as individuals, primarily, I am writing about the top leadership and possibly some of the ministry of church organizations that are generally lacking in true knowledge and true Christian behavior.  As far as regular members and those called the laymen of the church, I have much patience, sympathy, and in fact, empathy for them as they are basically victims who are ignorantly herded and pushed into false doctrines, many hurtful practices, and even shameful activities by the ministry and leadership of their church organization.

     I have placed on this website many articles that explain what I have come to believe based on the requirement of 2 or more scriptural witnesses supporting what I write thereby establishing its truth.  I hope you will check each article out in time and if you discover something that you feel is wrong and have 2 or more applicable scriptures to prove me wrong, then I will thank you and change my article.  I do not believe I am infalable.  I am human, as such I can make mistakes. 

     Click on the 'Literature' tab at the top right hand side above the picture of the lighted candle and then you can scroll down to one of the five Categories of Articles.  Select the Article that interests you and by clicking on the title it will open a new page with the Article that you can page down and read.

    This website contains a number of articles of what God has taught me directly from His Word apart from religious institutional thinking and controls.  Let me advise you as I have learned this lesson personally.  Do not be so sure that what you believe is supported by the Bible.  This is what I have had to learn the hard way.  Also, do not be so sure your church actually knows all the truths that are in God's Word.  Check my articles out.  Use your Bible and pray.  Can you disprove anything I have written?  Or have you come to see that God's Word tells you the same thing as I have written.  Either way, please write me and tell me what you think is the truth on various subjects and specifically what scriptures you base this on. It is entirely likely that God's Spirit is working in you.  That is why you have found this website: Bible SafetyIt is time you learned Bible Safety by  Searching and finding eternal truths yourself in the Word of God, the Holy Scriptures of the Bible.

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